Alabama Food Stamps Help Tips

If you are getting ready to apply Alabama food stamps  here are some tips and suggestions that might help you with your application process. I suggest that you get a small three-ring binder with dividers so that you can keep all your information in one place.

This will save you time and energy when you sit down with the food stamp application and later when you sit with a case manager.

What information should I gather when applying for Alabama food stamps?Gather the following items and make copies; keep them all in your binder. 1. You will need Social Security numbers for all of the individuals in your household. 2. Gather and make copies of birth certificates 3. If you are a non-citizen gather immigration documents 4. Marriage certificate if presently married 5. Current bank statements 6. Record of all income (pay check stubs, child support) 7. Receipts of expenses (childcare cost, shelter costs such as rent and utilities) 8. Medical costs such as doctor bills and prescription receipts 9. If you have other people living in your house or apartment you may need a statement from them saying that you buy and eat your food separately. This is important if you are single and want to get the most out of your benefits.

TIP Make different sections in your benefits binder (income, expenses, personal info, My Case) and place the copies of the information in the appropriate section. Make sure to keep this binder in a safe and secure place. You will see that this binder will come in handy; caseworkers have very large caseloads and often misplace and forget things. This binder will ensure that you have all your information in one place so you can provide it when necessary. Any letters or correspondence that you receive from a caseworker, place them in the My Case section of your binder.

Hopefully this will help and make your application for Alabama food stamps a much easier process!

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Alabama Food Stamps Good For Economy

There has been a lot of talk regarding Alabama Food stamps and the impact it has on Alabama’s economy. All signs seem to be very positive resulting in millions of dollars being spent by Alabama’s residents that would otherwise have not been spent.

Alabama food stamps help by producing sales that otherwise would not be made. Then that money gets turned over a few times resulting in activity in the economy for example money gets spent that helps pay for store employees, the trucking to deliver the goods, and then the farmer or the food producer, which is what the economy needs at this time

Alabama Food Stamps are the perfect tool to stimulate the economy, because the money has to be spent locally and only on food allowing for a more controlled and manageable stimulus. Some experts believe that that is the best way to help jump start the economy.

The Agriculture Department estimates every dollar spent in Alabama food stamps results in $1.73.Many experts believe that the fastest way to infuse money into the economy is by increasing the Alabama food stamp program.

In order to qualify for Alabama food stamps you must meet certain guidelines which have to do with assets and income as well as the amount of people in your household.

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Big Increase in Food Stamp Applicants

Alabama opened 2009 with 36,300 more families on the food stamp program than a year earlier, an increase of 16 percent, according to the state. Mobile County alone had 27,699 households that received food stamps in December, up from 24,875 families in December 2007.

Baldwin County also saw an increase — 3,341 to 4,089 households — that at 22 percent was double the increase seen in Mobile. But as a direct result of the economy the cost of food, fuel, (and) everything else goes up. In December, the state gave out $2 million more than it did just the month before, she said. In neighboring Jackson County, Miss., where the fiscal year runs from July to June, $14.1 million in food stamps was issued in 2008, easily eclipsing the $12.6 million given out the year before.

With no end in sight the numbers are sure to go up.The average price to feed a family has just about doubled over the past couple of years. The lack of jobs out there has also helped increase the number of enrollees in the food stamp program

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Short Video On How To Apply For Alabama Food Stamps

Here is a brief video on the process of applying for Alabama food stamps. In the video I will show you just how easy it is to apply for benefits. Just click on the video to begin play. Then follow the simple instructions as I guide you through the process and show you how to print out an application from home and fill about and where to submit once you are done with the application.

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Alabama Food Stamps


In these tough times Alabama residents are in need of assistance. One program that is available to help Alabama residents is the Alabama food stamps program.

Alabama food stamps is a program that helps low income Alabama residents to purchase food. In order for an individual to receive Alabama food stamps they must qualify.

They must meet guidelines that have to do with household size and income. In order to get on Alabama food stamps you must file an application. You can file an application at your local food stamp office. Once you submit an application you will get a notice in the mail, informing you of when you’re interview is with a worker. When you go to your appointment for your interview for Alabama food stamps you will need to bring your proof of income bank statements and nearer living expenses. You also need all the Social Security numbers of everyone that is living in your home. Your application should not take more than 30 days from when you submit your Alabama food stamps application, to get a decision. Once you are approved you will receive a plastic card that can be used to purchase food where food stamps are accepted. Please sign up on this site to receive any new information regarding Alabama food stamps it is a free site and your information will only be used to contact you with updates.

Application Download

Applications Should be mailed to
Alabama Department of Human Resources
Food Stamp Partnership
50 North Ripley Street
Montgomery, AL 36130

To contact the Alabama Food Stamp Voice Response System you should  call in Montgomery:

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